Vision & Mission


Our vision is to improve health through innovation and leadership in pharmacy education, clinical practice, research and to solve the most important questions of human health in our communities through education service with commitment of our core value. Our core values emphasize:

  • 1. To provide quality of education to student of pharmaceutical sciences at all academic levels, using best practices and evidence-based educational approaches, which enable our graduates to advance their professions.
  • 2. To provide an academic environment that promotes effective mentoring, professional growth and development.
  • 3. To be a respected college that advances basic, clinical and translational research.
  • 4. To meet and improve society’s health wellness and health care
  • 5. Provide a dynamic educational experience to a high achieving, diverse student body, thus empowering them to become leaders in patient-centered, inter-professional care.
  • 6. Lead innovative research in pharmaceutical sciences and patient care through embracing the value of interdisciplinary work.


  • 1. Our mission is to develop pharmacists. Educator and scientist whose leadership dedication and innovation improve the health of our local and global communities.
  • 2. To provide excellent education in a stimulating environment where knowledge of basic subjects is integrated with health concerns for the world community. The program teaches professional ethics, social responsibility and commitment of lifelong learning.
  • 3. Students are prepared in Chemical, biological, physical and clinical science that underline pharmacy.
  • 4. To narrow down the gap between Pharmaceutical Industries and Academics.
  • 5. It imparts skill to work in industry, clinical set ups, drug control organization, education and research sectors in Pharmaceuticals.