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Pharmacy departments have well equipped laboratories furnished with latest and modern equipment along with updated software. Each laboratory is developed as per the guideline and norms of AICTE and PCI, New Delhi. Experiments are designed so that the basic concepts are well understood by the students. The various laboratories are :

Pharmaceutics Lab-I
Pharmaceutics Lab-II
Microbiology lab
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab-I
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab-II
Pharmacology Lab-I
Pharmacology Lab-II
Pharmacognosy Lab I
Pharmacognosy Lab II
Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab
Central Instrument Room
Machine Room


Pharmaceutics deals with development, manufacturing and evaluation of different dosage forms and various drug delivery systems for optimized and safe therapy. Pharmaceutics deals with formulation of a pure drug substance into a dosage form. Pharmaceutics lab in our college is well equipped with various equipments such as tablet press, Capsule filling apparatus, Disintegration Appararus, Autoclave, Laminar air flow, Hardness tester, Hot Air Oven etc.


The department of pharmaceutical chemistry is one of the important branch in the pharmacy, it is equipped with all facilities to undertake academic in B.Pharmacy course as well as D.Pharmacy. Pharmaceutical chemistry labs are well equipped with latest instruments to impart practical training to the students. These well furnished laboratories provide facilities for practical training in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, Bio chemistry as well as pharmaceutical analysis with well designed experiment. This lab is well ventilated and exhausted and equipped with magnetic stirrer, ph meter, melting point apparatus, turbidimeter, potentiometer, colorimeter etc.


Pharmacology is the branch that deals with the action of the drug upon the living organism. It gives the knowledge about the Pharmacodynamics (What the drug does with the body) and Pharmacokinetics (What the body does with the drug). It is concerned with the clinical and pre-clinical studies of the drug. It associates with the mechanism of drug inside the body and pathology of the diseases. Our Pharmacological Lab is well developed and properly equipped with chart modules, skeletal system, prepared slides of various tissues, microscope, haemocytometer, sphygmomanometer and various other relevant chemicals and equipments required.


Pharmacognosy gives complete knowledge about natural medicines which are obtained from plants, animals, marine, and microbiological sources. It is one of the core subjects in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences which provide information about the principles, procedures and techniques used in identification, authentification and extraction isolation of potent phytochemicals by chromatographic techniques, purification and development of herbal formulation. Pharmacognosy lab is involved in providing the basic skill to the students, required to identify the crude drugs and adulterants with the help of advanced instruments. This lab is fully dedicated for the research and provides expertise to students in the field of isolation and separation of chemicals from plants.


Machine Room has all mechanical equipments used in Pharmaceutical operations like size reduction, mixing ,tablet making , coating ,capsule filling and devices used for evaluation of dosage formulations. Some of the importent machine are Tablet Punching Machine,coating pan .capsule filling machine,Ampuole filling machine ,Ampule washing machine,


The facilities of central instrument room aid in getting immediate employment in analytical R & D and quality assurance/quality control departments. Central instrument room is equipped with ultramodern sophisticated instruments like double beam UV spectrophotometer, flame photometer, pH meter, colorimeter, conductometer, potentiometer, karl-fischer , titrimeter, turbidimeter- nephelometer.